‘Performance Art’ Management Creates Lack of Accountability

How to Build Accountability & Responsibility Instead (July 2023 Update) As the landscape continues to shift around return-to-office, and work life shifts in the new normal between blended office and home-office spaces, you may be grappling with these latest challenges to manage/ lead your teams effectively. Many leaders suggest that they’re experiencing lack of accountability […]

The Last Mile in Organizational Change (2)

The Finish Line/ The New York City Marathon - Marco Verch, Flickr

Part 2: We’re Missing the Last Critical Steps In Change Completing The Last Mile [See Part 1 “The Last Mile in Organizational Change (1)] Research on change and transformation suggests that from 30-70% of large-scale change efforts fail to create the desired impact [Or at least they sub-optimize – that’s another topic]. As I suggested […]

The Last Mile in Organizational Change (1)

The hard work of electrifying American took place community by community, house by house...

Part 1: We’re Missing the Last Critical Steps In Change Several Leadership Behaviors Drive Key Outcomes. In 2019, pre-pandemic: I visited the sprawling acres of the Henry Ford Museum, a showcase for American ingenuity, innovation and industrial development over the last few hundred years. Among many captivating exhibits – one caught my attention. This exhibit […]

‘What If…?’ & ‘How Might We…?’ Leading with Curiosity on Your Teams

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‘What If…?’ & ‘How Might We…?’ Leading With Curiosity On Your Teams As humans, we are naturally curious. In fact, exercising curiosity is core to a growth mindset – and to our individual happiness and well-being, especially at work. Yet surprisingly, as leaders, we often fail significantly to encourage curiosity within our organizations and teams. […]

Leading Boldly … and Improving Your Relationship With Uncertainty


It stares you in the face. No role is so well suited to philosophy as the one you happen to be in right now. –Marcus Aurelius What a strange time we live in – and a difficult one in which to work with, coordinate and lead others. Since 2020, burnout, staff shortages and resulting overwhelm […]

Accountability as Performance Art Isn’t Working (and what to do about it)

Do Better Rather Than Just Doing

Accountability as Performance Art Isn’t Working (and what to do about it) As work moves away from only happening in home office spaces, you may be grappling with how to lead successfully in hybrid workplaces. In particular, you may wonder if employees are fully productive while not working under your watchful eye. Clearly, “leading by […]

The Art of Making Connections Through Deeper Conversations

Leaders in organizations today face greater challenges than ever before — from demands for unprecedented innovation, to the uncertainties of globalization, to economic volatility. And we require connected relationships to navigate the complexities of twenty-first century business life. Traditional hierarchical structures are evolving both inside and outside organizations; know-it-all bosses don’t help (and in fact […]

Practical Change and Leadership Hacks for Better Outcomes

   Why do some organizations thrive while others struggle to perform? And, how can leaders get better outcomes for their teams and organizations? These are topics I recently unpacked with Steve Rush, on his podcast, The Leadership Hacker.  This interview is a perfect resource if you’re looking for practical change ideas and leadership hacks. […]

Can We Be More Precise, Please? “#Agile” does not equal “#Lean”

Great and useful post distinguishing among terms often used in the same paragraph, sometimes the same sentence, and in the most egregious cases, as adjacent adjectives in a description. As Post Agilist points out – they’re not the same, and they don’t reinforce the same idea.

What Goes ‘Bump’ in Your Night… Or During Your Days?

Day to day – we focus on meeting obligations, getting things done.  But sometimes – we are surprised, startled, frightened.  Our minds race through possibilities, with more remote ones rushing to the forefront.  Until we can see threats clearly – we go on high alert; while the rational mind presents likely threats… the irrational mind […]