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Metamorphosis Management Group observes and addresses organizational dynamics, culture, politics and “soft” capabilities in client systems.

Most of our associates have more than 15 years professional experience as operators, leaders and managers. We have been the clients who sat at the other side of the desk. And we know the challenges of effectively using external resources. With this first-hand experience, we bring empathy and perspective for the “tough choices” you may face. We can challenge your thinking in culture-appropriate ways, while respecting and upholding your organization’s mission and purpose.

Meet the MMG Team

Evan Smith

Organizations change when their leaders do: when each leader chooses a growth-learning mindset, models curiosity and accountability, and builds capabilities to learn and lead by example. 

Evan is a founding member of Metamorphosis Management Group, and works as a change/ transformation leader and executive coach. 

He helps leaders and their organizations grapple successfully with significant demands for learning and growth.  In addition to his own independent clients he works with partners in change and transformation like Empactful Advisors, Kotter Inc. and Box of Crayons – bringing intentional, practical habit change and a structured data-based approach to help leaders shift their patterns, create more engagement, and have more impact.  

 As a consultant – He’s worked with leaders across F500 companies, private firms (including startups), government and nonprofits.  As an operating leader – he’s run quality, talent and systems functions within multiple organizations.

Among the really worthy challenges with many exceptional organizations, clients and colleagues – He loves exploring that boundary where the territory of the unknown starts, in the foggy space between the acknowledged comfort zone and the possibilities that are just out of sight on the other side.  That moment often appears when someone says

  • “I just can’t possibly do that…”,
  • “I don’t see it happening…”,
  • “There? We’ll never get THERE…” – or 
  • (his personal favorite) “THAT’s impossible!”

These almost always feel like great places at which to begin.

He speaks regularly (2022 Smartsheet ENGAGE; 2020 Creative Problem Solving Conference; 2020 Project Management Institute Conference (SIMPOSIUM); 2021 Project Management Institute/ Mid-South); guests on podcasts; and writes for publication.

He holds an MBA from the Yale School of Organization and Management; Bachelors degrees in Engineering and Liberal Arts from Penn State; and lives in Providence, RI.   

Greg Collins is a management consultant, leadership coach and strategic advisor who helps clients develop growth strategies and build teams capable of implementing those strategies to achieve sustainable revenue and profit growth. His work focuses on developing and implementing strategies that deliver the results his clients have agreed are critical to their businesses.

In his strategy development work, Greg utilizes a fact-based problem solving approach that relies on the classic strategy tools used by firms like McKinsey and Bain. In his strategy implementation work, Greg places significant emphasis on enhancing the effectiveness of his clients as individual contributors, as managers, and as leaders. He uses a variety of Organization Development (OD), Adult Learning, and Coaching perspectives, tools and frameworks; and he pays close attention to the language people use as a lens on the way the organization and its people avoid, accept or confront difficult issues.

To facilitate true strategic change and improve a client’s effectiveness at delivering sustainable growth, Greg generally works with an organization’s leaders and leadership team concurrently as he views aligning the members of the client’s executive team as a critical step in clarifying and then implementing any strategy. In doing that work, one of his roles is to help his clients develop a compelling “case for change”, a case that is sufficiently compelling to challenge both the conventional wisdom held by his clients and the status quo of their culture. Another role is teaching the members of the client team to hold themselves and others in the organization more accountable.

Every client is unique. And while Greg has found a number of frameworks and models to be helpful in a variety of client settings, he listens to the problems and issues presented by each client, observes the interpersonal and group dynamics of the team, and then selects material specific to each client situation. The people with whom Greg has worked speak highly of his collaborative, high energy style and the way he gets people to engage with one another in developing and then implementing their strategy.

Greg’s diverse experiences enable him to appreciate the context within which his clients operate and to engage in substantive discussion about real day to day operating or managerial issues and assist clients in delivering quarterly and annual results while simultaneously keeping an eye on longer term issues such as succession planning and leadership development that impact the on-going processes of strategy refinement and implementation, With this dual focus on the short term bottom-line and bigger picture long-term strategy, Greg enables his clients to generate competitive strategies and to set them into motion with challenging goals and follow-through processes that maximize the probability of a successful implementation

Greg holds the belief that most consulting and coaching provides little lasting value to the client organization because most consultants and coaches don’t sufficiently appreciate the context within which the team or the business operates. One outcome Greg seeks to deliver in all of his client systems is an appreciation on the part of his clients that leadership is an active and dynamic process that has the power to enhance or harm their organization’s ability to both develop and implement any strategy.

What differentiates Greg from most “strategy consultants” is his operating background and his focus on helping his clients deliver tangible results, his facility with both classic strategy and OD tools, and his ability and willingness to take a contrarian point of view as a means of getting difficult issues out in the open. An important component of many growth strategies is acquisitions; and Greg has extensive experience in acquisition support and has developed a robust model and set of tools to assist his clients effectively integrate acquisitions. He is also well versed in most aspects and phases of developing and running a business; his clients appreciate his operating background and his ability to “walk in their shoes.”

His clients are both publicly and privately owned, and range from small start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. A partial list of clients includes: Pfizer, Intermagnetics General Corporation, Motorola, Cadbury Schweppes, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Energizer Holdings and Seven Cycles.

Greg holds a Master’s degree in Public and Private Management from the Yale School of Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Cornell. He has also done coursework in Change Leadership and Adult Learning with the faculty from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.



Katy Paul-Chowdhury works with MMG, and is the founder and President of The Change Agency. As a consultant, she is passionate about helping leaders generate unprecedented levels of impact and success in their organizations. Specifically, she works with senior executives through to mid-level change agents, to achieve measurable results and build capacity for major performance improvement and large-scale strategic transformation.

Using a range of proven tools and processes (including Schaffer’s Rapid Results and GE’s Workout models), she collaborates with clients to plan and orchestrate a significant organizational change, and adapt to the evolving realities of each unique situation. For Katy, the best part of the work is helping change agents build skills and confidence, and achieve greater success and acclaim in their organizations. This focus on people’s growth and success is at the heart of every consulting, coaching and training engagement.

Much of her experience was gained over ten plus years as a management consultant, and later partner, at Schaffer Consulting (Stamford, CT). There, she worked with organizations in the healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and mining industries, on a range of strategy, performance improvement, and leadership development projects. She has extensive experience in helping companies integrate their acquisitions, and loves working with clients to navigate the scale and complexity of these dramatic organizational events.

In addition to providing independent consulting, coaching and training services, The Change Agency partners on an affiliate basis with Schaffer Consulting (Stamford, CT), Pilot Consulting (Crested Butte, CO), and Acquisition Solutions (Stamford, CT).

Katy is also an Assistant Professor at the Ivey Business School, teaching consulting- and research-related courses in the MBA and MSc programs. As a teacher, she is committed to preparing students for the complex realities of consulting work, managing uncertainty, imagining and creating the future, working effectively in teams, and developing new knowledge.

As a person, she is a student of wellbeing and happiness, the evolution of human consciousness, the flourishing of our highest potential, creativity, and sustainability. The values and energy inherent in these interests infuse and inform her approach to change.

Katy holds a BComm from Queen’s University (Kingston, ON), and a PhD from the Ivey Business School at Western University (London, ON).



John W. Pancoast works with MMG, and is founder/ Managing Principal of Acquisition Solutions, a firm focusing on post-acquisition integration excellence with corporate and private equity platform buyers of middle market companies. He has spent the last 20 years specializing in C, most of this work with Schaffer Consulting. He has guided post merger integration projects at numerous large and mid-sized companies and he has extensive experience working with Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, and IT leaders to reduce the cost and increase the strategic contribution of corporate functions, often streamlining these functions after years of growth by acquisition.

John began his consulting career with Hayes/ Hill, a marketing and strategy advisory firm that became part of Towers Perrin in 1986. During this period, he worked with numerous overseas corporations to assess US markets to identify potential market entry or acquisition strategies. Some of the organizations he served included Daikin Corporation, Frederich Deckel, and UCIMU, the Italian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association.

Beginning in 1990, John was a consultant and later partner with Gunn Partners, a firm that served leaders of corporate functions, such as Finance, IT, Procurement and Human Resources, with industry benchmarking, process reengineering and functional strategy development throughout the 1990s and beyond. Some of the organizations he served in this capacity include American Express, CNA Financial, Citicorp, Gillette, Thomas Lipton, Mobil, Praxair, Simon & Schuster, The Thomson Corporation, U. S. Cellular, Unilever and Union Camp.

In 2006, after spending several years as an affiliate of the firm, he joined Schaffer Consulting as a Partner. During his time there, John worked with senior corporate executives on a variety of projects focused on transformational change and post acquisition integration. Clients during this period included Bard Medical Division, Bausch+Lomb, The Gannett Company, Grupo Industrial Saltillo, Grupo Progreso, ING Wealth Management, The Mentor Network, Merck, Metronet, Mohawk Fine Paper, Tele Atlas and TomTom He again became an independent affiliate of Schaffer Consulting in 2014.

John earned his M.B.A. degree at Harvard University and holds an A.B. with distinction in economics from Dartmouth College.



Donald Mick is a management consultant with more than thirty years experience helping executives and teams meet challenging business goals. His experience spans the life cycle of business transitions from strategy definition through implementation. Don has also held a variety of management positions in financial services and technology firms, including six years in the Labor Relations function at Aetna, introducing innovative programs. He also served as the EEO officer for this 40,000-employee organization.

The scope of Don’s work includes mergers, recovery after failed mergers, defining and implementing new spin off companies, global process alignment and major restructuring to improve customer service and relationships. His mission is to help organizations overcome the difficulties of a significant change – to achieve measurable breakthrough results consistent with a long-term strategy and collaborative team-based practices. Don focuses on helping executives and high performance teams achieve the clarity and commitment required to meet stretch goals.  Skills that clients say they value are: effective listening, value-add synthesis, communication, flexibility, and personal values like persistence and collaboration along with an ability to help map out the practical actions that are required to achieve success.

Some examples of his work include:

  • Sponsoring and leading to success 12 (of 15) technology-based innovation projects, each of which produced an order of magnitude difference in performance of the targeted business system.
  • Supporting a brokerage firm to enable customers to open new accounts more easily in response to competitive pressures.
  • Helping a computer manufacturer improve the effectiveness and consistency of global service–an improvement demanded by their largest global customers.
  • Helping a rapidly growing consulting firm expand operations into Canada.
  • Helping a large news organization imagine, design and implement shared services functions across 140 newspapers. The project included the design and creation of a new corporation to provide the services.
  • Implementing a responsive strategic planning function within a rapid growth company that supported dynamic allocation of resources to critical projects.
  • Supporting a CEO and strategic planner in developing and implementing a contingency scenario, enabling recovery from a failed merger.
  • Creating a new, technology based service to support the objectives of a non profit organization.
  • Helping the leadership team of a non-profit organization overcome stresses in their relationships and work more effectively with the Board of Directors.

Don has authored numerous articles on business redesign, including the self-study course entitled “Using Technology To Achieve Change”, published by the American Management Association. His client list includes Aetna, Agilent, AT&T, ATMOS Energy, Bausch & Lomb, Blue Cross of California, Charles Schwab, Compaq, Friends General Conference, Hewlett Packard, McGraw Hill, News Corp, PG&E, Rogers Communications, South Carolina Electric and Gas and Viacom, among others.

Don has a BA from Rowan University and a Master of Divinity from the Rochester Center of Theological (Crozer).


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