What Goes ‘Bump’ in Your Night… Or During Your Days?


Day to day – we focus on meeting obligations, getting things done.  But sometimes – we are surprised, startled, frightened.  Our minds race through possibilities, with more remote ones rushing to the forefront.  Until we can see threats clearly – we go on high alert; while the rational mind presents likely threats… the irrational mind just as quickly names its favorites.

This time of year – and a recent exchange with Don Mick, on the impending Halloween holiday – reminds me of the place of fear in our lives, both the fears of which we’re aware, and those perhaps just as present, if less visible.

What troubling, half-acknowledged impressions live with us day-to-day – perhaps all year ’round? What fear do we carry that diminishes us, causes us to recoil, creates anxiety, robs us of sleep or comfort?

Importantly: What might be possible when we can squarely face what waits there?To name these fears; to confront or engage them; and to create the opportunity to move beyond: What name, face, costume, what garish sound, what image would you give to the fears haunting your work – right now? 

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