Speaking Engagements

We know the excitement, benefits and impact that come from a new discovery, an unexpected success, a contract won against long odds.

Something new, different, surprising, even magical can happen in a moment like this!

But what is really involved for a leader to create something new when the stakes are high?

The Program

This program is tailored for your organization. We’ll explore what we mean by a real state of learning and what specific behaviors can hold us back from leading fully and openly.

We’ll also explore together some specific ways each of you and your leaders can step more more directly into authentic, higher performing and powerful ways of working.

Growth & Learning for Leaders and Their Organizations

  • Shift conversational patterns
  • Develop new habits
  • Create more engagement

C. Evan Smith’s speaking engagements bring practical neuroscience to leaders and managers.

He works with Kotter Inc. on large-scale change and transformation initiatives. He’s also Program Leader and a Speaker with the leadership coaching company, Box of Crayons, based in Toronto.

Evan is widely published on leadership in the blogosphere (listings available on request).

Keynote Sessions

(20 - 90 minutes)

In keynote sessions, Evan is a story-teller and question-asker. He shares insights from his work, as well as from recent neuroscience on human biases, blinders, habits and patterns.

Finally, Evan invites participants to reflect on and share their stories, adding another layer of constructive information to the training.

* For deeper discovery work, please ask about tailored workshop sessions (half-day or full-day) on these topics.

Audience Size

20-200 people

Audience Demographics

Leaders, managers, board members, peer groups and teams.

As a Leader, you ...

  • Hold a pressure-cooker job with significant responsibilities. (Many people rely on you.)
  • Face a daunting pile of commitments, deliverables, and time pressures.
  • Find it difficult to CREATE in the face of a busy day job.

What's holding you back from seeing where you're ‘stuck’?

Many things keep us from showing up fully as leaders – especially when the pressure is on, the change is big, and the time is short. Some challenges that get in the way are listed below …

How do we more fully see ourselves?

It’s essential to move past our natural biases in order to engage with a more open, ready and receptive mind.

How do we sort through the complications?

We all have challenges. How do we see past them to the full array of choices and possible solutions?

how do we move beyond our comfort zone?

Once we know the challenge and some ways we might address it, what steps do we take into the unknown?

how do we model learning out-loud and with others?

To be an effective leader, we must take the difficult growth steps that we’ve asked so many others in our organization to take.
Getting past the above limitations means entering into a state of real learning. Listen, examine, question, give and receive feedback, and boldly take first new steps.

When working with other leaders

We are not only leaders but peers, coaches, facilitators and friends to other leaders in our organizations.

We’ll look at what we can do to help them to identify and shift behavior and unconscious habits to support their teams, employees and followers.

The results are new, exciting and needed outcomes.

past events: In-Person/ Virtual

Keynotes, Virtual Workshops, Webinars, Podcast Episodes


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