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Evan Smith’s tailored speaking engagements bring practical, research-based neuroscience to leaders and managers.

Evan works with Kotter Inc. on large-scale change and transformation initiatives. He’s also Program Leader and a Speaker with the leadership coaching company, Box of Crayons, based in Toronto.

Evan is widely published on leadership in the blogosphere. You can read his articles at this link.

MMG Past Events


Virtual Keynotes


  • The Ikigai Project” with Peter Nakamura (Evan Smith) – exploring purpose, curiosity, innovation – and behavior that creates more/ better alignment. – For 3Q2021 release


Keynote Sessions

(20 - 90 minutes)

In keynote sessions, Evan is a story-teller and question-asker. He shares insights and experiences from his work, as well as insights/ findings from recent neuroscience on cognitive and behavioral biases, habits and patterns.

Evan invites participants to reflect on and share their stories, adding layers of dialog, constructive additive insight-development, and experience to the training.

Attendees at Evan’s keynotes will walk away with an understanding of how to:

  • Shift conversational patterns
  • Develop new habits
  • Create more engagement

* For deeper discovery work, please ask about tailored workshop sessions (half-day or full-day) on these topics.

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