Seeing Critical Dimensions of Your Workforce: What Decisions do you Need to Make Now?

Many leaders are suffering a vague sense of unease…  because they know that significant changes are needed to the composition of their workforce.  Perhaps your organization is facing situations like these?

  • Company restructuring, or “lifting/ shifting” work in geographic relocation, …  Wondering what the specific changes might be in your workforce demographics – and to the talent available, motivated and ready to do critical work in your organization?
  • Acquiring another firm:  How can we readily/ quickly understand how “their” workforce lines up with “ours“? (titles/ roles, identity groups/ diversity, Veterans’ employment status, employment tenure, functional groups, locations…) … understanding that lets you undertake integration in intentional, rapid ways that help get to a high-performing new combined organization, generating value on Day 1
  • Not sure where you stand with regard to creating an inclusive workplace, or how effectively your diversity efforts are sourcing, developing and promoting talent from different population groups?
  • What challenges are you facing because your workforce demographics don’t line up with your customers’ demographics?  …  and what will it take in terms of talent sourcing, development, promotion and other interventions to get there?
  • Facing a pending stream of baby-boomer retirements … wondering which groups in your organization are most affected?  and what steps can you take to mitigate the knowledge-loss and business-continuity risks?

Talk with us to explore the key immediate questions around your organization and talent – and the dimensions related to your workforce and its composition.  We’ll help with a rapid assessment, information for decision making, and specific strategies and actions you can take right now to support your business.

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