The Real Business Risks of an Aging Workforce: Finding The Eye of the Storm…

Photo - Jim Reed -

Photo:  Jim Reed, Scientific American,

A CLIENT RECENTLY described to me the threat of pending retirements among his organization’s aging workforce as a “silver tsunami”, a storm of major proportions poised to blow through the company over the coming 10 years.  They face imminent retirements from all positions, ranging between 20 and 50% of their workforce, depending on the group and business line.  The challenge? Without intensive manual data gathering by business group and function, they can see neither the proportion of staff per business group approaching retirement – OR the key business capabilities that the most-imminent retirees possess.

What if it were possible to really see your organization – rapidly, periodically, with low overhead, and over time – to see your progress against talent, maturity, capability, diversity and other initiatives that are filling identified gaps?  What if your senior leaders could regularly see snapshots of organizational status by expected retirement cohort, recent mid-level employee promotions, targeted-group progress against diversity-recruiting or development initiatives?

Would decision-making (and focus/ priority setting) change – for the better? How would your leaders see, target and address these important business risks?

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