James Shute

James Shute - MMG.comEvery sales person pays dutiful lip service to the value of long-term relationships. Jim Shute lives it—creating a thriving career from a rich and running story of enduring partnerships.

Jim began his career in the corporate communications field, producing corporate presentations, meetings, and videos for the automotive, financial services, and pharmaceutical industries. He graduated in 1982, from Penn State University’s College of Business; then began his career as an Account Executive with a regional corporate communications production company based in Princeton, NJ. There, he cut his teeth in executive-level sales, and immediately set about building relationships and contacts in the automotive, financial services, and pharmaceutical industries, many of which thrive to this day. Jim has a reputation for maintaining long-term relationships with clients that evolve over time with changing issues, markets, and technologies. Companies like BMW |and Wyeth-Ayerst, with whom Jim worked in his first year in business, have remained clients some 20 years later.

Jim used this experience to gain his first insights into organizational learning and performance improvement. Teaming with his employer and his clients, Jim produced critical meetings, training programs, videos and other media. A three-year stint with the nation’s largest retail automotive advertising agency in Albuquerque, NM rounded out his understanding of markets, messages, brands, people and the complex relationships between them.
Jim entered the training and development arena to stay in 1990, working for and helping to start several firms providing corporate training, systems support, and incentive/recognition provider. He served as Account and Project Manager, Instructional Designer, and did Program Development, Delivery and Facilitation. He has developed or managed instructional programs in nearly every medium imaginable including seminars/workshops, self-study programs, interactive multimedia, CBT, online learning, and special events (e.g., sales meetings, launch events, training/recognition events).

His prime goal is to work with organizations to provide knowledge, skills, structure and performance capability to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

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