Implement Strategy; Align Executive Team; Coach for Results

Industry:  Medical Software
Function:  Executive
Location:  Domestic

A venture-backed medical software company has grown over several years, reaching several hundred employees, tens of thousands of “users”, and dozens of customers. The first-time CEO inherited a senior team – and with them needed to articulate a compelling vision and strategy for the organization, board and other key stakeholders – as well as implement to achieve needed growth results.

The company is a “market leader” in its (relatively new) space – with substantial market opportunity. The pace of change is high due to shifting government-industry dynamics, and competition in the space is intensifying. The organization is experiencing deterioration in execution capability, distractions and lack of focus, and increasing urgency as the issues reach employees and customers.

Working with the senior team and individual leaders, we’re working to create multiples of increase in the realizable value of the enterprise as a strategic acquisition in the next few years by clarifying strategy, building leadership and organizational capabilities, addressing current execution issues and fixing long-term issues related to new-product development and market penetration.

The likely implications of the work will include:

  • Clear and compelling strategies – translated into effective operating plans
  • Effective personal and group abilities to make difficult trade-off decisions regarding what will and won’t be done
  • Changes in executive behavior and in culture
  • Dramatic improvements in senior team capabilities
  • Improved execution and business results
  • Successful value realization
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