Greg Collins

Greg CollinsGreg Collins is a management consultant, leadership coach and strategic advisor who helps clients develop growth strategies and build teams capable of implementing those strategies to achieve sustainable revenue and profit growth. His work focuses on developing and implementing strategies that deliver the results his clients have agreed are critical to their businesses.

In his strategy development work, Greg utilizes a fact-based problem solving approach that relies on the classic strategy tools used by firms like McKinsey and Bain. In his strategy implementation work, Greg places significant emphasis on enhancing the effectiveness of his clients as individual contributors, as managers, and as leaders. He uses a variety of Organization Development (OD), Adult Learning, and Coaching perspectives, tools and frameworks; and he pays close attention to the language people use as a lens on the way the organization and its people avoid, accept or confront difficult issues.

To facilitate true strategic change and improve a client’s effectiveness at delivering sustainable growth, Greg generally works with an organization’s leaders and leadership team concurrently as he views aligning the members of the client’s executive team as a critical step in clarifying and then implementing any strategy. In doing that work, one of his roles is to help his clients develop a compelling “case for change”, a case that is sufficiently compelling to challenge both the conventional wisdom held by his clients and the status quo of their culture. Another role is teaching the members of the client team to hold themselves and others in the organization more accountable.

Every client is unique. And while Greg has found a number of frameworks and models to be helpful in a variety of client settings, he listens to the problems and issues presented by each client, observes the interpersonal and group dynamics of the team, and then selects material specific to each client situation. The people with whom Greg has worked speak highly of his collaborative, high energy style and the way he gets people to engage with one another in developing and then implementing their strategy.

Greg’s diverse experiences enable him to appreciate the context within which his clients operate and to engage in substantive discussion about real day to day operating or managerial issues and assist clients in delivering quarterly and annual results while simultaneously keeping an eye on longer term issues such as succession planning and leadership development that impact the on-going processes of strategy refinement and implementation, With this dual focus on the short term bottom-line and bigger picture long-term strategy, Greg enables his clients to generate competitive strategies and to set them into motion with challenging goals and follow-through processes that maximize the probability of a successful implementation

Greg holds the belief that most consulting and coaching provides little lasting value to the client organization because most consultants and coaches don’t sufficiently appreciate the context within which the team or the business operates. One outcome Greg seeks to deliver in all of his client systems is an appreciation on the part of his clients that leadership is an active and dynamic process that has the power to enhance or harm their organization’s ability to both develop and implement any strategy.

What differentiates Greg from most “strategy consultants” is his operating background and his focus on helping his clients deliver tangible results, his facility with both classic strategy and OD tools, and his ability and willingness to take a contrarian point of view as a means of getting difficult issues out in the open. An important component of many growth strategies is acquisitions; and Greg has extensive experience in acquisition support and has developed a robust model and set of tools to assist his clients effectively integrate acquisitions. He is also well versed in most aspects and phases of developing and running a business; his clients appreciate his operating background and his ability to “walk in their shoes.”

His clients are both publicly and privately owned, and range from small start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. A partial list of clients includes: Pfizer, Intermagnetics General Corporation, Motorola, Cadbury Schweppes, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Energizer Holdings and Seven Cycles.

Greg holds a Master’s degree in Public and Private Management from the Yale School of Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Cornell. He has also done coursework in Change Leadership and Adult Learning with the faculty from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.

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