Expand Sales Force Efficiency and Productivity

Industry: European Luxuary Automotive Sales/ Distribution
Function: Sales
Location: Domestic US

Our client had an aggressive three-year goal: increase sales in a franchise distribution channel by 40% without adding dealers or hiring more sales people. Only one approach could achieve that outcome: make the existing sales force more effective and productive.

In this case, “more productive” means taking a group of already-high achievers at the retail outlet and individual level, and making them better.

We have helped our client to profile, replicate and recruit the objective metrics among retail locations, and the elusive professional and personal traits among individual sales performers, that define “Top 10%” – and help our client to develop the people, processes, tools and support, and working environments that help them to thrive at these dramatically higher levels of performance.

The goal was ambitious – to infuse “top performer” attributes throughout the retail channel, creating a culture populated by top-performing stores and people. Early-stage results for this program and related initiatives showed an effective double-digit productivity increase in sales.

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