Drive Business Growth: Private Local Service Business

Industry:  Automotive Service
Function:  Business Development
Location:  Domestic

The owner of an independent retail automotive-service business had growth aspirations – and needed help to think through how best to achieve them for his business.  We joined him to:

  • clarify/ set the core value proposition,
  • differentiate his business and offerings from the major chain-store competitor just up the street,
  • identify the key customers needed to grow (based on data/ analytical assessment),
  • target and message to those key customers, and
  • refine the business plan, including the expansion plan to double the size of the facilities.

This work led to a structured approach for engaging customers, clear sales and marketing campaigns, and consistent messages that clearly differentiated this business from local competitors. Following through on execution, this business has seen new customer contacts almost triple in number within the last 12 months – and is on track to achieve 60-70% revenue growth this fiscal year. based on successful execution of the plan.

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