Design Global Organization For Business Growth

Industry: Specialty Chemicals
Function: Executive Management, Commercial Operations
Location: Global

A $2.5B global chemical company was formed by spin-off/ sale from GE to private equity in 2006 – selling three “pieces” of GE’s Advanced Materials business. The PE firm “bought out” the existing joint venture partners, combined them with the wholly owned subsidiary, and sought to create “one” global company – with one rationalized supply chain, a strategy for marketing and customer engagement, and an integrated set of global corporate functions.

We worked with the CEO. exec team and other “insiders” to put in place a global management structure for this firm–its first–and to manage the project plan to achieve key results:

  • Deliver the short-term productivity improvements (about $10MM) from functional, geographical, and resource consolidation,
  • Design and implement a new business-planning and follow-up performance-management approach for business leaders;
  • Spec new roles, and organize existing talent to locate the right talent in key positions,
  • Build a strong global marketing function (for the first time) and
  • Communicate the process, plan and outcomes to the company.

After delivering the productivity improvements, the team has followed up to help the newly formed marketing groups outline their plan for growth, and get started on effective execution to achieve needed growth outcomes. In addition, the business will be focusing on the processes and “new behaviors” to drive successful profitable growth, at the global “corporate-optimal” level.

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