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Talent Scan and Gender Gap by Data Morphosis

Data Morphosis is a leading, international provider of human capital software, designed for organizations such as investment banks, law firms, media houses, football clubs and NGOs.

The company’s innovative software applications provide clear windows through which leaders can interpret human capital data, correlating it with improved financial performance and productivity.

The software revolutionizes the way leaders look at talent and allows organizations to assess and measure the value of their talent by equipping them with real-time access to critical data that correlates workforce analytics with business performance metrics.

Using software never seen before in the world of human capital, these tools allow companies to unlock the limitless potential of their workforce and measure talent’s financial impact across a wide range of dimensions.

Data Morphosis Group has offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo.

For more information on the value that Gender Gap can help you to unlock in your organization, please contact us for a demonstration.

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