Can You Visualize Gender Equity?

Visualize Gender Equity

The issues of proportional representation of women in the workplace — at senior levels of management, on the board, in equitable compensation — is an issue that I’ve been passionate about for years. I spend a portion of my time working with organizations that seek to correct the imbalance through increased societal awareness and profound organizational change.

Part of the struggle for success has come from a lack of clear data about the position of women within a given organization. A company may have all the right intentions and even think that it’s doing the right things but the lack of transparency and difficulty of use of many human resources information systems has made knowing the full extent of the problem and the impact of changes very opaque.

Read moreBut new work in talent analytics, particularly in robust data visualization, is clearing away some of that opacity. This article published by BizCatalyst 360 explains more:
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