Build Productivity to Support Business Growth

Industry: Commercial Insurance
Function: Business Management, Operations
Location: Domestic

Facing a business imperative to grow, our client (the US division of an international commercial insurance giant) discovered that administrative inefficiencies, poorly integrated systems, and organizational breakdowns were limiting client-facing time for underwriters and account development staff. These labyrinthine and performance-sapping processes had arisen as “work around solutions” generated by unintegrated acquisitions and multiple legacy systems.

Working with the business head and his key staff, we developed and led an approach, using a GE-style “Work-Out”, to help the executive team identify back-office servicing and support issues constraining sales productivity, and develop an effective, high-engagement approach. We worked side-by-side with the client steering team, sponsor and team leaders subsequently to roll out the approach to the organization, starting with the Work-Out event, and unfolding over the ensuing 120 days, to deliver key performance results. The initial efforts rapidly identified root causes and developed draft solutions. To confirm effective execution of identified opportunities, we shadowed and supported project team leaders in key areas for the ensuing 12 weeks.

The 50 people involved used the framework to develop creative and effective staffing, process, work design, and error-reduction solutions and responses, cutting errors and wasted time in key metrics by 25-40% – and freeing up critical time for customer-facing account managers to focus on their primary function. As a result of this project, the client dramatically reduced the administrative burden on its front-line staff (for example, reducing the number of administrative inquiries sent to underwriters by about 90%)—and enabled a greater focus on its “go to market” efforts.

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