Build Adjacent-Markets Business–and Accelerate New Product Development

Industry: Transportation Equipment
Function: Design/ Engineering/ Marketing/ Sales/ Customer Service
Location: Domestic US

One of the major global vehicle providers of distribution and logistics equipment needed to defend its slim lead with regard to its information-management products – products that make the vehicles themselves more valuable to its customers, help customers to eliminate waste in their operations, and justify the “premium brand” image (and higher purchase prices) of our client’s equipment. In addition, it needed to take rear-guard actions to prevent current-customer dissatisfaction with the base-level first-generation product – and quell risks of defection.

In a dramatic shift in our client’s new product development approach, we supported the key business functions in rethinking their competitive position, product positioning, and key feature set – as well as driving ideas for changing their process for product development, launch, and post-sales support. We designed and facilitated strategic conversations that brought together disparate functions within the company, earlier than ever before in their history, to share their perspectives on customer needs – and helped the group to determine collectively what its first-best next steps might be to both defend the current business, and stake out exciting new territory for the future.

While the follow-up work for this client is still in process, early reports suggest fundamental changes in collaboration and engagement across key players and functional silos – and the promise of exciting new prospects for business innovation, and product design and development processes for the company.

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