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M&A: Is Your Company Merger Friendly?

Stepping Across the Gorge

(Warning to MBA’s and spreadsheet pros: this article is about the “soft stuff” of merger success. NSFW if your organization focuses exclusively on near-term financial goals.) Is your company merger friendly? Do your people embrace the acquired company’s employees, respect their accomplishments, their skills and capabilities? Do they actively seek to build business together by quickly merging product lines or

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Data Morphosis | Gender Gap

    Talent Scan and Gender Gap by Data Morphosis Data Morphosis is a leading, international provider of human capital software, designed for organizations such as investment banks, law firms, media houses, football clubs and NGOs. The company’s innovative software applications provide clear windows through which leaders can interpret human capital data, correlating it with improved financial performance and productivity.

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Can You Visualize Gender Equity?

Visualize Gender Equity

The issues of proportional representation of women in the workplace — at senior levels of management, on the board, in equitable compensation — is an issue that I’ve been passionate about for years. I spend a portion of my time working with organizations that seek to correct the imbalance through increased societal awareness and profound organizational change. Part of the

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The Real Business Risks of an Aging Workforce: Finding The Eye of the Storm…

Photo:  Jim Reed, Scientific American, http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/compound-eye/2011/08/26/interview-photographer-jim-reed-on-hurricane-irene-and-storm-chasing/ A CLIENT RECENTLY described to me the threat of pending retirements among his organization’s aging workforce as a “silver tsunami”, a storm of major proportions poised to blow through the company over the coming 10 years.  They face imminent retirements from all positions, ranging between 20 and 50% of their workforce, depending on the

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Developing and Implementing Effective Organization Design

Some of the most powerful tools and levers available to a leader seeking to shift organizational performance lie in changes s/he can initiate to the design of the organization. Please see this overview for how to think through – and get started on – designing and implementing an effective organizational design to put more “points on the board”. For more

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Organizational Culture: Important, Mismanaged, Undervalued

Culture: Incredibly, critically and centrally important – and misunderstood, undervalued, and undermanaged. Findings from the Katzenbach Center… To address shortcomings and close the gaps: Focus on change a few critical behaviors – help people to see positive change quickly Build capabilities that make changes last – leveraging peer networks and measurement/ tracking, and Take charge of cultural evolution – not

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What Agile Organizations Do

Specific activities and capabilities that #strategic #agile organizations demonstrate: http://ht.ly/yCpZ0 1. They scan their environment to identify both threats and opportunities. 2. They regularly engage in strategic experiments. 3. They use flexible, adaptive business architectures to realign competitive assets and shift resources at will. 4. They renew competencies that characterize their competitive advantage 5. Ongoing assessment of activities, eliminating those

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