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Growing Market Share in Medical Devices

Industry: Medical Devices Function: Marketing & Sales Location: Domestic A $100MM business unit of a global medical device/ pharmaceutical giant was a newcomer to a market segment dominated by entrenched, deep-pocketed global competitors such as Johnson & Johnson and Bayer. Working with our client’s marketing department and marketing/technology services providers, we designed, implemented and managed integrated marketing programs, a CRM

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Design Global Organization For Business Growth

Industry: Specialty Chemicals Function: Executive Management, Commercial Operations Location: Global A $2.5B global chemical company was formed by spin-off/ sale from GE to private equity in 2006 – selling three “pieces” of GE’s Advanced Materials business. The PE firm “bought out” the existing joint venture partners, combined them with the wholly owned subsidiary, and sought to create “one” global company

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Build Adjacent-Markets Business–and Accelerate New Product Development

Industry: Transportation Equipment Function: Design/ Engineering/ Marketing/ Sales/ Customer Service Location: Domestic US One of the major global vehicle providers of distribution and logistics equipment needed to defend its slim lead with regard to its information-management products – products that make the vehicles themselves more valuable to its customers, help customers to eliminate waste in their operations, and justify the

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