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Organizational Culture: Important, Mismanaged, Undervalued

Culture: Incredibly, critically and centrally important – and misunderstood, undervalued, and undermanaged. Findings from the Katzenbach Center… To address shortcomings and close the gaps: Focus on change a few critical behaviors – help people to see positive change quickly Build capabilities that make changes last – leveraging peer networks and measurement/ tracking, and Take charge of cultural evolution – not

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Leadership Transitions: American Apparel

As Dow Charney and American Apparel struggle for the direction of the company (http://is.gd/2KWow4 and http://is.gd/iMZKgY)- those managing the situation don’t seem to have gotten ahead of the challenges, or planned in advance – despite long-running indications. How to manage an exit and transition and new leadership more effectively? See the attached – especially the section on “Acknowledge and plan

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Build Transformational Leadership to Drive Customer Engagement

The president of a well-established health sciences company was faced with the need to change the way the organization interacted with its customers. Customers reported that the organization had grown far too complex to do business with, compared to its major competitors. The executive perspective was that the company possessed an urgent need to change…  but was concerned that middle

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Project Management Performance Through Engagement and Respect

Leaders and business owners often face critical project and team management issues when faced with challenges that leverage the future of the business. For the most significant leveraged projects such as construction, expansion, acquisitions or mergers, a business must secure the services of independent professionals and firms due to the required expertise and licenses. A world-class architect, engineer, lawyer or

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