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Developing and Implementing Effective Organization Design

Some of the most powerful tools and levers available to a leader seeking to shift organizational performance lie in changes s/he can initiate to the design of the organization. Please see this overview for how to think through – and get started on – designing and implementing an effective organizational design to put more “points on the board”. For more

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Develop/ Execute Triage Plan for Business-Risk Management and Knowledge Capture

The New York Division of Retirement Services (DRS) supports and operates one of the largest pension and benefits programs in the nation, with millions of beneficiaries. A management audit surfaced substantial risk, due to the fragmented systems and processes, AND the pending swell of baby-boomer retirements of key employees from within every department, and at every level. We facilitated a

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What Agile Organizations Do

Specific activities and capabilities that #strategic #agile organizations demonstrate: http://ht.ly/yCpZ0 1. They scan their environment to identify both threats and opportunities. 2. They regularly engage in strategic experiments. 3. They use flexible, adaptive business architectures to realign competitive assets and shift resources at will. 4. They renew competencies that characterize their competitive advantage 5. Ongoing assessment of activities, eliminating those

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