To Meet Client Business Objectives

At MMG, we:

  • Help clients identify and deliver critical and tangible business results – quickly
  • Build organizational and leadership capability – capability demonstrated by the results clients and leaders achieve.

What Business Challenges Keep You Awake At Night?

What are the Critical Few Strategies Your Company Needs to Succeed?
We can help your team to evaluate and choose the “critical few” strategic initiatives, plan and organize execution, and manage initiatives for business results.

How Does Your Organization Need to Grow?
We can asses the soundness of your “core business”. We’ll help you determine what the critical, next-step growth moves are that will take you to the next level.  (see related: cases)

How Will You Realize the Full Value from Recent Acquisitions?
We can work with you prior to deal close, to develop integration plans, engage stakeholders, complete due diligence; we’ll follow up after deal close with rapid results projects to build a new culture.  (see related: cases)

What Talent Does Your Organization Need to Thrive — and How Will You Develop It?
We can identify key capabilities needed to support strategic objectives, develop processes, organization and mechanisms to identify, select, integrate, develop and manage talent to meet targets.

What Risks is Your Organization Facing — and How Will You Manage Scenarios for the Most Critical Ones?
We can work to assure that required systems and processes are appropriately sized, scaled and implemented for clients’ organizational, competitive and regulatory environments.

How Will You Drive Productivity in Business Processes?
We can help you change organization, processes, systems and behavior to generate competitive advantage.

How do Your People — and Your Organization — Need to Change?
We can assess culture and effectiveness; determine the knowledge, skills and know-how needed; establish structure, processes and systems; support implementation; and measure progress against strategic targets.

How Will You Develop Change Leaders Who Will Create Your Organization’s Future?
We support the development of key client individuals through partnering on successful, structured rapid-results project execution.

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