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Leader Development & Talent Management

Leadership Coaching: Identify the Needs of Leaders, Help Them Grow

The Leadership Circle Profile Introducing a Breakthrough 360 ° Leadership Profile That Connects Patterns of Action with Habits of Thought

The Leadership Circle Profile is the first to connect a well-researched battery of competencies with a leader’s underlying motivations and habits of thought. It reveals the relationship between patterns of action and the internal assumptions that drive behavior.

TLCP goes to the source of behavior to get greater leverage on change. Furthermore, unlike most leadership 360 degree assessments, which take hours to interpret, TLCP integrates all this information in a way that brings the key issues to the surface instantly, revealing itself in seconds. A leader immediately gets in touch with what is working, what is not, and why!

In most organizations, this treasure trove of information remains buried. TLCP makes it easily accessible while creating a foundation for change to occur at a deeper level and a sustainable pace.

The Leadership Circle Profile Benefits:

  • Revealing- The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) helps leaders to assess and understand connections between patterns of behavior and habits of thought.
  • Advanced–it quickly reveals key opportunities for leader development without reams of documentation.
  • More than just an assessment–The rich theoretical underpinnings of TLCP provide a pathway to transformation. Based on what leaders learn, they can make subtle shifts that can lead to dramatic changes in effectiveness and perception.
  • Efficient- It allows the coach to start at a breakthrough point with a leader rather than spend months trying to locate and reach a starting point.
  • Dynamic – HR professionals, leaders, and seasoned consultants/coaches, consistently report that TLCP facilitates authentic, breakthrough results.
  • Widely Accepted–TLCP is truly world class and used by a vast number of leading local, national, and international organizations, and government agencies.

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Tools/ Resources for SMEs (Small-/ Medium-Sized Enterprises)… and Their Owners

“Business Growth at Any Cost…”

A recent blog post from a small business owner described his fervor and attention to growing his business:

“My goal is growth. Growth at all costs. As a new business, I want to build a huge customer base first and make money later. As long as I am covering overhead, providing my employees with good pay and benefits, and am personally able to take a reasonable salary, I will cut prices to the bone to beat my competitors and gain their customers.

… My prices are based on the market and I change my business to make sure it can operate under those margins…  The most important thing in this economy is a strong customer base… I will never lose a reasonable customer to price. Never.

… One day changing my business goals to maximize profit and when I do that, I will already have a strong and loyal customer base to support me. So again, I think the balance [between growth and profit] depends on where you see your business in the future.”

Some of these assertions are laudable–and would be familiar to many private-business owners. HOWEVER… some of these assertions (taken too far) will put the business at risk.  Here are some key ideas to challenge and confront small business owners who feel strongly about “winning customers”.  How would you answer these for your business?

  • How do you create profitable growth in your business (because growth “at any cost” will create a “race to the bottom” for you and your competitors)?
  • What differentiates your business in the eyes of your customers?  What value do they get from your business for which they’re willing to pay?
    (HINT: The value they get is not “lowest price”. Customers who buy based on the lowest price are loyal to … the lowest price. They’re not loyal to your business).
  • How do you find more customers like your MOST DESIRABLE customers (the ones who come back over and over again, the ones from whom you make the most money; and/ or the ones who refer others to you…)?
  • How do you change your business cost structure to operate effectively in line with “prices the market will bear” – AND to deliver the value that the MOST DESIRABLE customers find in your business?
  • What is the lifetime value of each of your customers – and how do you extend/ add to that lifetime value your business can capture from your MOST DESIRABLE customers?

News, Tools & Resources

Pat O’Shei to Speak at VT “Better Buildings By Design” Conference

Efficiency Vermont

Pat O’Shei has been selected to present “Optimizing Energy Use, Environmental Footprint, Return on Investment and Beauty” at The Efficiency Vermont “Better Buildings by Design” Conference to be held February 9 & 10, 2011 in Burlington, VT.

The Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) operates Efficiency Vermont – the nation’s first statewide ‘energy efficiency utility’ as well as other implementation services across the country.

VEIC is a mission-driven nonprofit organization, founded in 1986, dedicated to reducing the economic, social, and environmental costs of energy consumption through cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

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Webinar: Strategy, Analysis and Modeling To Drive Business Growth

IQPC Six Sigma iQ logoInternational Quality & Productivity Center – Companies serving growing markets face both opportunity and risk. Six Sigma methodology and Constraint Theory strategies can be applied to both service industries such as education and hospitality–as well as to the financial analysis of alternative growth scenarios.

In this “Profit through Process” interactive webcast, Genna Weiss of Six Sigma IQ speaks with Patrick M. O’Shei, Senior Consultant at Metamorphosis Management Group, who discusses strategies for applying the Theory of Constraints to create more effective capacity and net revenue, addressing inter-related and semi-independent revenue streams in a business, evaluating growth patterns and key factors, and modeling various risk scenarios to evaluate ROI and cash-flow related investment for growth.Demand ROI chart

The presentation will overview the key steps in decision-making in the context of a powerful real-life case study, where a low-margin business justified borrowing 1X annual revenue to expand, and created a path to growth, significantly higher margins and fiscal sustainability. Click this link to go to the Six Sigma iQ web site listing to learn more and to view the webinar.

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