What Agile Organizations Do

Specific activities and capabilities that #strategic #agile organizations demonstrate: http://ht.ly/yCpZ0 1. They scan their environment to identify both threats and opportunities. 2. They regularly engage in strategic experiments. 3. They use flexible, adaptive business architectures to realign competitive assets and shift resources at will. 4. They renew competencies that characterize their competitive advantage 5. Ongoing […]

Leadership Transitions: American Apparel

As Dow Charney and American Apparel struggle for the direction of the company (http://is.gd/2KWow4 and http://is.gd/iMZKgY)- those managing the situation don’t seem to have gotten ahead of the challenges, or planned in advance – despite long-running indications. How to manage an exit and transition and new leadership more effectively? See the attached – especially the […]

Who Survives?

“It’s not the fastest or strongest that survive. It’s the ones most #adaptive to #change.” (Charles Darwin) ^ES

“Plant everything imaginable…

“Plant everything imaginable, then take away the not-essential” @JeffDeGraff Complexity First; Simplicity Last http://ht.ly/y2NzF ^ES