M&A: Is Your Company Merger Friendly?

(Warning to MBA’s and spreadsheet pros: this article is about the “soft stuff” of merger success. NSFW if your organization focuses exclusively on near-term financial goals.) Is your company merger friendly? Do your people embrace the acquired company’s employees, respect their accomplishments, their skills and capabilities? Do they actively seek to build business together by […]

Can We Be More Precise, Please? “#Agile” does not equal “#Lean”

Great and useful post distinguishing among terms often used in the same paragraph, sometimes the same sentence, and in the most egregious cases, as adjacent adjectives in a description. As Post Agilist points out – they’re not the same, and they don’t reinforce the same idea.

Data Morphosis | Gender Gap

    Talent Scan and Gender Gap by Data Morphosis Data Morphosis is a leading, international provider of human capital software, designed for organizations such as investment banks, law firms, media houses, football clubs and NGOs. The company’s innovative software applications provide clear windows through which leaders can interpret human capital data, correlating it with […]

What Goes ‘Bump’ in Your Night… Or During Your Days?

Day to day – we focus on meeting obligations, getting things done.  But sometimes – we are surprised, startled, frightened.  Our minds race through possibilities, with more remote ones rushing to the forefront.  Until we can see threats clearly – we go on high alert; while the rational mind presents likely threats… the irrational mind […]

The Real Business Risks of an Aging Workforce: Finding The Eye of the Storm…

Photo:  Jim Reed, Scientific American, http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/compound-eye/2011/08/26/interview-photographer-jim-reed-on-hurricane-irene-and-storm-chasing/ A CLIENT RECENTLY described to me the threat of pending retirements among his organization’s aging workforce as a “silver tsunami”, a storm of major proportions poised to blow through the company over the coming 10 years.  They face imminent retirements from all positions, ranging between 20 and 50% of […]

Develop/ Execute Triage Plan for Business-Risk Management and Knowledge Capture

The New York Division of Retirement Services (DRS) supports and operates one of the largest pension and benefits programs in the nation, with millions of beneficiaries. A management audit surfaced substantial risk, due to the fragmented systems and processes, AND the pending swell of baby-boomer retirements of key employees from within every department, and at […]

Organizational Culture: Important, Mismanaged, Undervalued

Culture: Incredibly, critically and centrally important – and misunderstood, undervalued, and undermanaged. Findings from the Katzenbach Center… To address shortcomings and close the gaps: Focus on change a few critical behaviors – help people to see positive change quickly Build capabilities that make changes last – leveraging peer networks and measurement/ tracking, and Take charge […]