Acquisition Solutions

Get Real Value from Effectively Integrating Acquisitions – Fast Acquisition Solutions assists strategic buyers of middle market companies to lead their organization through a successful and rewarding integration process, to ensure the expected value of the deal is realized, that the two organizations are working as one, and that a cadre of leaders is developed […]

Developing and Implementing Effective Organization Design

Some of the most powerful tools and levers available to a leader seeking to shift organizational performance lie in changes s/he can initiate to the design of the organization. Please see this overview for how to think through – and get started on – designing and implementing an effective organizational design to put more “points […]

Schaffer Consulting

For over 50 years, Schaffer Consulting has helped organizations in every industry perform better. As a Schaffer affiliate, our mission is to help individuals and organizations around the world reach their full potential through the achievement of successful, sustainable results. [Evan @ Schaffer Consulting] Five factors differentiate Schaffer from other consulting firms: Results as the […]

When Cutting Costs… Adds Them: Evaluating Decisions for Value & Complexity (Part 1)

Recently, I’ve had the chance to experience several cases where well-intentioned managers made decisions to “cut costs” – actions which in immediate near-term ways lowered incremental spending – and created unintended consequences that over time actually RAISED costs.  Over the coming weeks, we’ll explore these in some detail.  Is your organization making some of these […]

Keeping Customers Buying: At What Price?

Austere times suppress spending even in the face of no change in inherent demand for a good or service. How do your sales change as you raise or lower pricing? How cyclical is your business? What discounts or premiums are built into the pattern of your cycle? A cohesive pricing strategy with fine tuned price […]

Do You Use Critical Thinking or Counterfeit Thinking?

Excerpted from an article published by Patrick M. O’Shei in Uncommon Wisdom. Do you attempt to solve problems with critical examination of root causes and clarity around the objectives -or- do you merely deal a “tried-and-true” solution off your deck of management card tricks? The episode of the Simpson’s where a lobbyist suggests to Mayor […]

Project Management Performance Through Engagement and Respect

Leaders and business owners often face critical project and team management issues when faced with challenges that leverage the future of the business. For the most significant leveraged projects such as construction, expansion, acquisitions or mergers, a business must secure the services of independent professionals and firms due to the required expertise and licenses. A […]

Transformational Leadership: Problems, Solutions, & Structure

Patrick O’Shei, in “Uncommon Wisdom“, writes about the link between “problems” and “solutions”.  Capable leaders have the awareness to recognize what the “frame” around these two orientations is, within which they and their organizations might operate:  When confronted with a challenge, do you see problems? or do you see solutions & possibilities? A solution orientation […]

Private Business Owners, & Monetizing Business Value, When Exiting

The economy is apparently emerging from recession-good news for all, hopefully to include those who need jobs. However, there’s one group of people for whom the hard work, introspection and self-examination about their future cannot and should not be over: private business owners, especially those running small businesses. Most small business owners are running hard […]

Business Growth: Complexity & Mixed Messages in Customer Service

Don Mick wrote of a recent automotive service experience…  one with which many might empathize. In his post, he writes of being alternately blessed (with affirmations and appreciation of his status as a customer of the auto dealership) and cursed (with negative and diminishing encounters that communicate that–as a customer–he’s a bother and an inconvenience)–all […]