Why Work With Us?

We help clients, leaders and organizations to get business results, and build capability in the process.

For every complex problem, there is an answer which is clear, simple—and wrong.
H. L. Mencken


To achieve appropriate, critical simplicity requires—from a value perspective:

  • Consistent logic and mental discipline
  • Tenacity—in the face of adversity
  • Curiosity—especially when it’s easier to be frustrated
  • Openness—a willingness to take chances, and be wrong, out loud, in public


What Your Organization Might Have:

  • Strong capabilities in-house, or on staff;
  • Resources that you want to use as part of the project;
  • An approach already in mind;
  • A project plan;
  • An existing team;
  • A good idea where you want to go;
  • The objective you need to reach


What You Might Need:

Complementary resources to fill gaps, thought partners who can stand shoulder-to-shoulder…

  • Capabilities that your existing staff or organization doesn’t possess;
  • Perspective from others who’ve “been there, done that”, if you and others in your organization haven’t – or “beginner’s mind” to expose key thinking;
  • A New Approach – “Now, for Something Completely Different”—a different tool, approach, or framework; a shift of mind; a new idea;
  • Resources – arms and legs/ discussion-partner resources, if your organizational resources are “thin”;
  • Leverage in your organization; perspective that helps you see, name and address difficult challenges (“Just where IS that elephant in the living room? … And how big is it?”)
  • Help mobilizing leadership, getting others in your organization engaged around common priorities, getting them to “come along”…

What MMG Can Bring:

  • Self- and Organizational Awareness—We “play well in the sandbox” with others, in-house and from other consultancies. We see and work with organizational dynamics, culture, politics, and “soft” capabilities in client systems. And we leave “ego at the door” — We’re doing this work to fulfill client organization mission and purpose—and are aware of our own needs.
  • Analytical Structure and Rigor—We’re tool-rich, “public source” (why this is important), and agnostic (why this is important)
  • Lean and Virtual Resources—We’re not obligated to “cover our overhead” or employ a deep salaried staff, we can recommend the best resources for the task at hand—whether that person works with MMG (or elsewhere).
  • Resources, Networks and Contacts—We’re a key component within an extended, seamless network of resources and consultancies that can help your firm (see sample bios of some of our teamwrite with other inquiries).
  • We’ve Been on the Other Side of the Desk—We have experience as CLIENTS of consultants… (so we know the challenges of using external resources effectively)
  • Tremendous Experience – Most of our associates have more than 15 years professional experience—and we’ve worked together as constellations of teams for years, on many projects… (Let’s take a walk around your office to see how many teams/ groups in your workplace can match this working relationship)
  • Holistic Approach to Managing Programs to Get Results—We’re senior people, with experience as operators, leaders and managers—so we bring empathy and perspective for the “tough choices” you may need to make–and can challenge your thinking in culture-appropriate ways.

Are we Right For you? What MMG Needs:

  • We admire those who have chosen freely to embrace worthy challenges.
  • We seek personally engaging, challenging work with clients and organizations who mean to make a difference—to survive and thrive, to redefine their business, to create new relationships, to reach new customers, to change the world.
  • We make both a living and a life by building durable, long-lasting, mutual-value-exchange, “full contact” relationships (what this means) with client organizations and individuals…

If this approach to working together resonates with you, then …  contact us

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