Stepwise Increments in Sales Growth: The SaaS Adventure

Great post on the scaling challenges on the sales side for venture companies – SAAS and others.  Note the phases that Neeraj names in how sales get generated and deals get done.  These descriptions are important, describing the significant shifts necessary for those leading and supporting the sales/ growth efforts within venture firms.


Editor’s note: Neeraj Agrawal is a general partner with Battery Ventures in Boston.

“What does it take to build a billion-dollar SaaS enterprise-software company?” I hear this question a lot in my work as a tech investor, and it’s incredibly tough to answer. I bet mountain climbers feel the same way when they’re asked how they conquered a major summit. The answer is both incremental — you succeed by placing one foot in front of the other, of course — and more pragmatic, in that the journey is always broken into multiple, distinct phases.

You don’t climb all of Mt. Kilimanjaro in one day, and you don’t build the next SaaS standout quickly, either. Instead, you shrink your focus and keep your goals clear-cut then recognize what the next level looks like and scramble like mad to get there.

“My son works at Battery Adventures”

I started thinking…

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